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Hi, Thank you in advance for any help!!!

I have a question about replacing an outlet/switch combo. The power comes into the combo and goes out into another outlet, then the power feeds power elsewhere

(hopefully this will make sense...)

The light was staying on no matter if the switch was on or off, so I bought a new combo switch to replace it. Problem was the old one had a different set up than the new one and I can't figure out how to put it all back together again properly.

I replaced the combo with a regular switch to make it less complicated....(maybe the problem?) and hooked it all back up (I just copied a similar set up elsewhere - main power black and white going to the outlet, then small black (jumper?) wire going to the switch, black coming from the light to the switch and the white from the light going back to the outlet. The wire that feeds power elsewhere is hooked up to the outlet also. And all the neutrals are together. So, I have three blacks in the outlet and three whites). The outlet next to the switch works, and the power works downstream, but I can't get the light to work!

So I'm just trying to figure out how to properly hook it up. Power-outlet-switch-light and also power coming from the first outlet and going elsewhere.

Hope that made some kind of sense. Sorry if I don't have all the proper wording, I'm a newbie, thought this would be an easy job!!! :confused1:

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Does this help?

Grounds not shown.

Alternately, the cable going to the next receptacle can be taken off the receptacle (on the right)


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