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Colors Help: Working with stone fireplace...

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NOTE: This thread has two purposes. The primary is a request for advice on color schemes in a new apartment. The second is for inputs on how best to utilize/arrange the space given the goals. I will be as detailed as possible in order to give context as well as answer what I presume will be natural questions stemming from that context. A long post ending up at, "Can you give me color ideas?" is not everyone's cup of tea, so I'd rather not waste your time if this is you. Moving along...

The apartment
I just signed a lease for a nice apt. downtown and after a very brief walkthrough (the building has no models and in fact uses pictures from a few occupied units for their displays) I got to work on what I wanted to do with the space. I have another 2 months before I can move in, which gives me quite an opportunity to have a plan in motion before I even pick up the keys - this is a first for me.

Technically, this is a large studio apartment. I didn't realize that until I noticed in the walkthrough that the wall seperating the great room from the bedroom was actually a loft-wall. Perhaps 5' high. What appealed to me most about the unit (floor plan attached below) is the size of the great room. 18'x25' with a den at the far end. The size permits me to do some things with it that I haven't been able to in a long time, which is where colors and using the space became very important....

Goals with the Great Room
1) Hosting various social gatherings from potlucks to movie nights
2) Looking inviting, modern, contemporarily stylish (so no sectionals, theatre chairs, or poufy recliners) - this means bright or classic colors - not neutral-galore.


I decided on an accent wall namely because I don't have a month layover time to paint the whole apartment one color scheme (as it is an open plan), amongst other things. And as it is an apartment, my time will be finite - so painting the whole thing white again when I leave not really my idea of fun.

  1. As illustrated above, the only viable wall to paint as an accent wall will also be the main wall of the BR - so any color/scheme I choose will dictate schemes for both rooms.
  2. I can't remove the carpet (see next pic).
  3. After I'd spent several days putting together some ideas and furniture finding, I remembered there was a fireplace - what I didn't count on was that is faux stone AND the carpet was coordinated to it.
  4. Due to the den, I don't think I can also paint the 1/2 wall and window wall as well... seems like it would then mean I should paint the other long wall which goes all the way through the kitchen, which I can't touch either.
  5. End result is that whatever color/theme I end up with, I can't dismiss the carpet or stone and it will be bordered by eggshell white.
  6. The mantel - I could strip it and refinish to have a striking, complimentary wood or paint it in the accent color of the accent wall.
Initial Thoughts/Tastes

Prior to remembering about the fireplace, here are some samples of ideas I came up with for both furniture and color schemes - I realize it is unlikely any of them will work now...

My first idea - I was averse to the brown-nation, but the chair would be very striking in a dramatic theme.

I adore the lines of this and the wood is perfect.

A grey couch like this allows for colorful accent chairs, etc, to work with the purple... but given the tans/neutrals of the carpet and other faux stone, it can't work.

It's not a bold primary color - so as an accent wall, it won't work

Won't work with stones AND carpet...

1) What colors/themes can you suggest?
2) Both the mantel and the nooks on either side are very large and can easily mount a 60" TV... but I'm paralyzed as to whether a TV should be the focal point of the mantel or a nicely framed print would be better and the TV off in one of the nooks. Basically a layout question....

Thanks much for your help in advance!
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