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Colorful flowers and flowering bushes for shady

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I’m on Long Island, NY. House faces north, and my garden in particular gets about 15 seconds of sun each day. As you can see I have some azaleas here, and they do flower but never fill out, in flowers or greenery, especially the ones on the left side. I have those three green bushes to the left side, forget what they’re called, but they bloom these nice white stalks, but even they barely come out anymore and again, even the greenery for them isn’t full. Begonias and impatients do well here, but I’m looking more for perennial flowers or flowering bushes that will just come back and give me some nice color throughout the spring and summer. I see some houses around the area that have it set up where the tulips come out and once those are wilting something else is blooming. I’m hoping for something close to that effect. Total newbie here, so all advice is welcome.


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Look into buying Sarcococca (sweet box). LOVES SHADE. How about Rhododendron ? Go to a local, small nursery and ask for advice. Or...keep driving around and seeing what's what with the neighbors landscaping. Take some pics from the curb or knock on doors if it seems appropriate.
No wonder your azalea didn't bloom. Any plant needs light and cannot grow without it. Maybe you just need to transplant your azalea to a sunnier place. In the shade, Christmas trees and various shrubs grow well.
I recently bought an azalea for planting on the site I planted it near my fence, and it grows beautifully. I hope it blooms next year. Near the wall, azaleas grow well, the sun beats all day long. Only in the evening, a little shadow falls on them, and it's good. The flowers are resting from the sun. I also plan to plant white and red roses next to each other. It will all look very nice.
It would be great to plant roses.
DON'T plant roses in the shade. They won't grow well if at all. They'll get mildew and won't bloom.
You may it helpful to look at the websites of some of the bigger nursery suppliers (e.g., Spring Hill). Most of those sites allow users to search on multiple selection items for their particular gardening zone. For example, you might search on shrubs, midsummer bloom time, partial shade, zone 6. Some will also suggest companion plantings.

Or just Google "flowering shrubs for shade Long Island". Just beware of potential information overload.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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