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I plan to make some concrete caps for a block wall and need to color them. Any suggestions for whether to use coloring in the concrete, stain, or dye for a reddish-brown tint? My ultimate goal is to achieve an aged look to match with natural stone veneer.

The dye seems to be the easiest for new concrete (after 30 days to cure). Stain requires a bit more work and might be more prone to flaking years later. Coloring of the concrete mix from the beginning appears to be the most complex, especially in maintaining a consistent shade of color across multiple batches. I don't mind UV fading as long as it is not extreme. The biggest concern though, is to have almost no maintenance over the coming years.

Dr. Z.

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I would add the dye to the mix.
Using a dye gives you a colorant through out the cap.
There are different ways to do this.
(1) Have a dye manufacture design what is known as " add a bag " they will package the correct amount of dye for the total volume of your of cement . sand & or Lime mixture. Check with color match concrete dye company.
(2) Use a premix that contains the correct color factory mixed blend you than only have to control the mix water.
Use one of the above options & if color has shading than apply a fog coat it will make it appear to be consistent.
All of the following will affect the color
Amount of water used in each batch.
Cure time.
Volumes of material used for each mix.
I would go for the pre mix than you only have to control the water , curing & Humidity.

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bagg'd mix of course,,, IF you have an apron/vest store nearby ( & who doesn't ? ), cementall's a white cement-based polymer-modified mix w/just-add-water simplicity,,, buy their retarder too,,, buy latex pigment from sher-wms,,, add 1oz pigment into mix water, blend well, then add cement mix,,, yes, you'll probably f up the 1st batch so start w/1/2 batch & learn
there are premixes w/color already in the bag ? have no idea where,,, ask clarence
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