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Color suggestions for exterior of house (pics included)

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Hi everyone:

First time poster. I'm trying to figure out what color to paint the exterior of my house and I thought I might see if anyone here has some suggestions. I've included some pics of the exterior, and a couple of the interior too. I don't like the light blue/grey on the exterior now. It looks cheap to me and it doesn't go with the earthy colors and natural cedar tones of the interior. I'm looking for something that's more sophisticated, and also something that would work nicely with the front door and the natural wood (cedar) on the front and rear decks. Will likely keep the trim white or perhaps an off-white such as Benjamin Moore's "Tapestry Beige." Have been looking at a few taupes for the main color, such as BM's "Fairview Taupe." If anyone has any ideas, they'd be much appreciated. Thanks!


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My recommendation would be to use earth tone colors. Although I'd never recommend Behr paint, lol....they do offer some beautiful colors on their "eco" or "green" line of paint. Upon choosing a color, any paint store such as Sherwin Williams or a BM dealer can match the color for you.

Personally I think a sage green would look nice as well as some shades of taupe. However the green would offer color where the taupe does not.

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