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Coleman Electric Evcon outside air intake?

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Quick question about the outside air intake for a Coleman electric Evcon unit in a modular home. Is this something that is absolutely necessary?

Here is why Im asking, the room where the unit is located is always much colder than the rest of the house, whether the unit is running or not. Up until a few weeks ago I contributed this to the horrible door and a window in that room. I have replaced the door with an insulated metal door and added a insulted storm door. Also, I removed the window and insulted the opening from the window in the room as well. I completely remodeled the exterior of the house, all new windows doors and siding, even house wrap which it didn't have before.

Anyway, I have sealed and insulted every nook and cranny I can find but the room is still a lot colder than the rest of the house. That's why I'm asking about the fresh air intake on this unit. I cant figure out where the cold air is coming from other than there. Should there be some type of flap in the duct work so it is only open when the unit is running? I would have to get on my roof, which isn't a problem, to see if there is one in there or not. Replaced the roof a year ago and it seems as though there isn't one in there but that's been over a year, so I could be mistaken.

Anyway thanks for the help...

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Hey guys thanks for the replies. I think ill go ahead and block it off for the time being to see if I can tell a difference. My place is quite dry this time of the year so I don't think ill be ok on that end.

How about when its time to fire up the ac, is it the same concept?
Great thanks.

I just took a look and there is a flapper thing just above the unit inside the house. Seemed like it was stuck closed until I messed with it. Could have been stuck open I guess as well. Couldn't see it at first.

So I took some insulation rolled it up tight and put it in the flexible duct stuff that was attached to the flapper thing. Sorry I don't know all the proper terms. I guess I'll see
If that makes a difference.

Thanks again for the replies and I'll keep everyone posted whether or not it makes a difference.
So after doing all I mentioned above, as well as filling the gaps around where the power comes in through the floor and where the plumbing comes in for the washing machine through the floor. I purchased two thermometers and placed them in separate rooms the same distance from the floor, not sure if that's necessary but I did it anyway, and the room is still 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house. I'm not really sure where to go from here.
Thanks for the response. There is no vent in that room but there is and everything including my furnace is electric in the house.

There is a door in between that room and the kitchen which I keep closed. This door has a vent or grate, not sure what it's called, in the buttom of it, I assume to help circulate air from the rest of the house into the room where the furnace is located "the cold room". Would it be better to keep this door open?
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