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Cold Weather Concrete Job Questions

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I am converting a screened patio into a conditioned living space. The patio has a foundation that is concrete block. I am currently building concrete forms on top off/around the concrete block so I can pour a concrete cap on top. This top will serve as the top of the foundation wall for the new living space. I will be adding a sill plate on top of the new foundation cap.

The temperatures are currently ranging from the 20's to the 40's. I have placed a concrete insulation blanket on the wall/form, and extending out onto the ground that surrounds the concrete block. I was going to leave this in place for the next four days, then pour the top on Saturday morning.

I will be using Quikrete 5000 concrete mix (high early strength and rapid strength gains--walk time of 10-12 hours) along with hot water and a electric concrete mixer. The total amount of concrete should be about 4 cubic feet.

24 hours before the pour, I was going to enclose the patio with plastic and install a high btu kerosene heater with a vent fan (to avoid carbonation). I was then going to run it for one week after the pour and leave the insulation blanket in place as described.

Can anyone comment on my plans?

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