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Cold draft at baseboards and wood plank floors

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I've noticed a cold draft coming along my baseboards of one wall but also through the 1/4 inch gap in probably the last 3-4 inches of my wide plank wood floors. The house sits on a fieldstone foundation. I've felt some cold drafty areas in the basement field stone. Is it worth sealing behind the baseboard? where the drywall meets the floor there's a small gap with air flow.
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That can help, but the real problem starts somewhere on the outside. Older homes often used boards for sheathing that offer little protection from air flow. Do you know what is inside the walls for insulation? Dense packed cellulose does a good job of reducing unwanted air leakage.

Do you have a basement or crawlspace where you can access the perimeter of the structure where it sits on that foundation. Pictures or a description could help.

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