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It’s 40 below and cold air is pouring into the basement around the vent of the fresh air intake to the furnace. There’s frost on the hood of the vent. Should this be blocked? Is it normal? Can I insulate the area where the air is coming into the room? It feels like it’s an open vent to the room plus the vent to the furnace.

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You need that vent to supply air for combustion to the furnace and hot water heater if you have one in that room.

By code you need one plus for safety reasons.

There is nothing you can do to stop it.

Where I am most people convert to high efficiency furnaces which take their combustion air from outside and also electric water heaters. Then you can get rid of that vent and your chimney.

There are also thru the wall water heaters which can take their combustion air from outside or tankless ones which are somewhat expensive but popular.

This bucket contraption can slow down that air and draft and helps but the air still needs to get in and it is cold.

Not sure where a DIYer can buy one as contractors get them from heating parts suppliers.


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