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Hi, i am currently refinishing my basement and I am thinking about the cold air return. Prior to the demolition, the way the cold air return had been done, was the air return started on the East Wall Ceiling and went through the joist to the interior concrete wall on West side of basement and sealed with drywall. Along the concrete wall they had a non-insulated concrete wall, encased in 2x2 which ran off the floor joists and then panelled. The vent was floor level.

I have since insulated that west concrete wall in Durofoam and plan to frame and insulate it with roxul safe and sound.

My dilemma creating the cold air return. I was thinking of redirecting it on the opening side which is in the middle of the basement but would be an interior wall as the wall divides the basement. to redirect the Cold air return, could I create a column and use the cardboard (looks like foil cardboard, but the name of the product escapes me). or would I need to use metal. would I need to make a full box for the air return, or could i just sheathe the studs with the metal?

My brother in-law says in his new build, the cold air return is off the ceiling. Any reason I can't have mine run of the ceiling, and in doing so, would I close off the floor joist? In my mind, I would think it makes more sense to have the return vent closer to the floor, but if I can save myself extra work, then I am all for it.

The basement is about 220 square feet, and it has two heat vents which are located on the bottom parts on the wall at the north/East side and South/East side of the basement. Would the cold air return be a benefit on the west side in the middle of basement, or is it ok to be on the East side in the middle.
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