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Code confusion

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I live in Ontario Canada and have run into a problem regarding the attachment of wood framing to concrete.
I intend to attach a hand rail post to the concrete deck with a Simpson fitting!
As the project is being done, under the scrutiny of a building inspector, I solicited his advice, as to what would be acceptable for this purpose!
I have been informed that OBC doesn't address the attachment of wood to concrete, so I must have it engineered.
Now it seems to me, that if the law does not address a subject specifically, that I am free to install it as I see fit.
My question being, if the 'code' doesn't mention what must be followed, why does it mean that it must automatically be engineered!
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The code sets forth minumum dimensional requirements (height, picket spacing, rail locations, extensions, etc.), as well as minumum strength requirements for the guardrail. They must withstand specific loads both from above and laterally. How you do it is up to you - and your engineer. A Simpson bracket will likely be sufficient (depending on how you use it), and you will probable need to use concrete lags or expansion bolts for anchoring into a concrete wall. But you really should consult an engineer on the specifics - it won't cost much for this limited scope of information.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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