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Cobrahead weeder

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I have been looking for a tool that will get between patio bricks and sidewalk joints to remove weeds & grass.
I found the Cobrahead weeder at Amazon, and it looks like the right tool, but I am just not sure whether the blade is narrow enough to get between the bricks.

If anyone has one of these, can you give me the dimensions across the widest part of the blade?

Here is the link for the product on Amazon:

Thanks for your help

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Just thought of yet another use for my Fein Multi Tool. I actually ended up justifying its purchase years ago. What a great investment and even the Chinese equivalents at Harbor Freight, Dremel, etc. would be great for weeding.

Need a roto tool? One with even a dull tuckpointing bit would be great for getting weeds out between bricks, pavement and so forth.

I am trying to help you out here. With the economy what it is, I have heard that those who have spouses/SOs find it increasingly difficult to justify tool purchases they deserve to have. She would have to have cold mean fluids flowing both directions to say no to a cordless, or even corded roto or multi tools that could work in the garden?

Who cares what the dimensions are on the weeding thing you pictured. And they want $25 for it? It has no cord nor even a rechargeable battery compartment attached to it. Chalk it up to worthless. You can probably get a harbor frieght multi tool kit with case for $40?

Man up. Power tool for weeds too or no tool at all.
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