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Coax/phone line/romex

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Hello everyone!

Just a quick one. What is the closest proximity that these can be to one another without interference. Can I say run them an inch or so from one another across a stapling strip runnings along my joists? Also, if they touch one another at one point or another is that ok?
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The coax is RF shielded, so don't worry about it.
If the phone/data cable is shielded, you shouldn't need to worry much either. However, if unshielded, try to keep the phone cable at least 12" from the HV lines....~3" is the minimum. You can cross over perpendicular.

That's my educated guess, influenced by hearsay.
Hahaha thanks Seattle2k!
most if not all phone wire is twisted, so it won't matter if they run parallel next to higher voltage lines...
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