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Hello guys!
I want to make a rotary spray painting mechanism based on an airbrush concept, for internal coating in pipes. I want to use CO2 cartridges or propellant cans as air source. As option also I consider to use a CO2 tank and a solenoid valve + regulator.
I want o use Scotchkote Epoxy Coating EP2306SF, in the specifications of this paint, tip pressure is around 2500-3000 psi, and material temperature of 40–50°C is required

Does those characteristics have to be taken 100% in consideration in order to get specified wall thickness?

Can somebody advice me maybe another epoxy coating, or to clarify if under low pressure I can still achieve 100 microns of WT?

Thanks in advance for any comment to this post!

Will be grateful for any comment to this post!

But I don't know if the pressure of those sources will be enough to complete the painting
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