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CLR stained my concrete?

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Hey guys. I was trying to remove a pot rust stain from my concrete patio and spilled the bottle of CLR. I sprayed it down but it looks like it bleached the cement. The cement it regular, unstained, uncolored, unsealed, driveway/sidewalk type finish. The cement was poured 5 months ago and seems to be still curing so it's darker in some areas of the patio than others. Of course I spilled the CLR on one of the darker areas. Any help to fix this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I'd try powerwashing the patio with the proper cleaner.
Did you try a stiff bristle brush with a detergent?
Well this happened yesterday so the "bleached looking" CLR stain is dry now. Should I still scrub it with laundry detergent? It also seems like some of the darkness is returning to the spot. Maybe it'll match eventually?

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Here's a shot of what the still curing areas look like. Will the patio eventually be all the lighter color? It was poured about 5 months ago:

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I don't think the splotchy nature of the concrete pour is "cure" related.
On the CLR stain, what have you got to lose by scrubbing it?
I thought putting water on it might make it take longer to dry out and hopefully return to the darker color. I'll try the detergent scrubbing idea in a bit though, thanks.

As for the "curing" my reasoning for thinking that was that the cement is darker in the places that get hit by sprinklers or moisture. Just figured it was taking longer to fully dry out. Do you think it'll just stay like that?

Thanks for the help.
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