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Closing room vents

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I instinctively closed all the vents in the rooms I don't use last year but then opened them up when I read somewhere that this was bad for the duct-work. This duct work needs a little TLC so I'm afraid to put too much strain on it- but am I correct? I've been cooling areas of my house that are never used.

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They've been wide open for at least a year. I keep the doors of the rooms open too.

So I guess open is best!
Should I seal any gaps with expanding foam or regular caulk?

I could seal with the expanding on the outside of the ducts (in the attic) and either still use it inside or just use some DAP silicon.
I have another question-

In these rooms I have turned the ceiling fans on high even though they aren't used. The doors remain open and they are at the end of fairly short hallway (8').

At the opposite end of the hallway is the return for the AC.

I understand that "air" doesn't like to turn corners... However, would it be better to leave the fans off in the rooms so the "cold" air can flow out the doors and along the floor's surface towards the return?

Or possibly have smallfans blowing the air out of the rooms?

Possibly a little more efficient?
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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