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Closing room vents

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I instinctively closed all the vents in the rooms I don't use last year but then opened them up when I read somewhere that this was bad for the duct-work. This duct work needs a little TLC so I'm afraid to put too much strain on it- but am I correct? I've been cooling areas of my house that are never used.

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Not the best thing for an A/C or heat pump.

Leave them at least 1/2 way open.

Its easier on the whole system.
If the rooms aren't used.

I'd turn the fans off. The fans are normally used to prevent stratification. Don't really need to worry about that in rooms that aren't used. So you save a few dollars by not running those fans.

Doubt it will make any difference in how easy the air makes it to the return. Cooler air going to the return may or may not help the system.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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