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Closing room vents

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I instinctively closed all the vents in the rooms I don't use last year but then opened them up when I read somewhere that this was bad for the duct-work. This duct work needs a little TLC so I'm afraid to put too much strain on it- but am I correct? I've been cooling areas of my house that are never used.

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Seal your ducts with foil tape on every seam and hole. Remove the register covers and seal the gap between the ducts and the drywall, especially on the returns. You'll get more of the conditioned air that you're paying for to go where you'll feel it.
Seal metal ducts with the foil tape. After you've done that, I would bury attic ducts with insulation. Heavily insulate the rest of the attic, as well. It's a job you do once and it saves you money forever.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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