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A friend of mine asked me to wire lighting for her new walk-in closet (yet to be built). I am thinking it'll be something in the range of 10x12 feet. She plans to have a shelf going around the top, a bar underneath all the way around for hangers, and bins/shelves underneath some of the clothes on the floor.

I am aware of the rules in 410.16 regarding distances from lights to storage areas. I am looking for design ideas.

My idea was to have the "eyeball" type recessed lights going around the ceiling pointing at the shelf/hanging clothes. Do these lights count as "enclosed lamps" or are they not allowed?

What is the best way to illuminate the stuff under the clothes on the floor? Some sort of low voltage system? Rope lights? Floor lights?

I'm hoping to avoid fluorescents if possible.

Any ideas? thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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