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Clogged Line?

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Have three toilets (1st, 2nd, 3rd floor). 3rd floor toilet functioning as expected. 2nd floor toilet has a Korky valve and always double flushes. I have adjusted the valve 1/2 dozen times (water level in tank) and either have a single flush (not enough water to clear toilet), or a double flush. 1st floor toilet seems to clog at a higher rate than it should. Should have I have my entire system cleaned/scraped/snaked/blown out? In the event this is YES, whats the best way? Snake, pressure, etc. I am going to replace the 2nd and 1st floor toilets anyway.


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Yes, I agree with you, you have a partial clog somewhere. When you replace the toilets that would be the time to snake the line.

Once all toilet lines have been snaked, snaked the main line going to your septic or municipal sewer.
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