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Clogged Drain line

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I just bought a house that was flipped by a contrctor that knew little to nothing on fixing up a home. that being said:

I have a clogged sewer line from the master toilet. I have tried a commercal grade cleaner, no result! I have snaked the drain up to the clog but after a number of tries the snake will not penatrate through the clog. I believe the clog is below the junction where the sink ties in. I think this because if you run the sink for a period of time, water backs up in the toilet.

I see under the house, on the drain line there is a cap that I can unscrew so I can access the line. By doing this I believe I can remove the clog or snake. Is the sewer line filled with water or is it dry? Is unscrewing the cap an OK idea. Also a side note the lines are cast iron, which I know clog eaiser. Any suggestions/help is welcome

Thanks for those reply
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That cap is your cleanout. There may be a bit of water in it, but it sounds like the water is getting some passage, so if you wait a few hours after running any water you should be able to unscrew it with little water coming out (hopefully not much of anything else coming out!) Maybe have a bucket handy to catch the drainage so that you dont have to be near it while snaking the rest of the drain line.
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