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After watching some YouTube videos i had an idea. I live in a condo with little to no room in my "backyard" but i am somewhat of a green thumb, my idea is to build a plexi glass box and have it be able to simulate different climates to grow different plants not native to my climate area.
to do this im thinking ill need
. a way to keep it cool/cold. for that im thinking about using a cup of ice and fan blower rig and some pc fans with temp sensors on them.

. a way to simulate humidity. perhaps a heating plate and a small reservoir of water that heats up to create steam and another little blower to disperse the steam throughout the box.

. a way to keep it hot. i was just planning on using some heat lamps pretty simple perhaps it can be used for the humidity as well

as well as some other bells and whistles such as watering and light cycles and perhaps a way to mimic high altitudes as well.
i was curious if anyone has done this themselves or if you have any pointers as far as electronic set ups ill need to keep in mind.

all input is welcomed thank you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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