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Clicking brake pads.

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In a separate string (thanks! everybody) I wined about my DW horse carriage brakes. How the plastic brake line leaked. Having got passed that issue we've been hovering over the rear wheels when she has the animals harnessed up for a drive reacting to each and every noise ... And we found one.
This is what the wheels look like:

And here's a caliper:

Close up of one wheel pads:
We are hearing one revolution - one click. Sometimes one wheel, sometimes the other. If both are clicking at once I haven't notice it but I am slightly deaf.
I thought the bearings were clicking but I got the carriage up on jack stands and rotating the wheels by hand I could eliminate the noise by wedging one of the pads in and against the rotor with my finger.
There does not seem to be any shims or springs involved (behind the brake pads) and the solution that comes to me is to put a _light_ coil spring on the pin and between the pads.


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