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Hi all!
My husband and I are planning to install an engineered wood floor, the type that clicks together to install (no nailing or gluing). We'll be doing this on a concrete slab in our den (which is the main room of the house). We're pretty experienced diy-ers, but limited experience in flooring (just laminate)

The room is long and narrow (14x24) - I think installing the floor parallel to the long wall (which is line-of-sight) will make the room look longer. But I think that installing perpendicular to the long wall will look wrong. We've seen pictures of diagonally installed wood and think it would be a perfect solution and looks great too!

BUT how to install it? I've searched the web and can find instructions on nail- and glue-down diagonal installations but nothing for the click-lock floors. Mostly I am worried about finishing the last few boards in the corner.... Anyone done this? Detailed info would be very appreciated!!
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