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Clear protective coat

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I’m spray painting a piece of metal that will get heavy usage from people touching it and cleaning it with harsh chemicals. It’s about 3”x5”. I’ve already spray painted it with a metal primer and then a combination primer/grey gloss color from Rustoleum. Is it necessary to add another layer like a clear coat? If so what can i use from Rustoleum or Krylon? Can i use a automotive spray clear coat from Duplicolor that i have laying around?
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You could probably apply your clear over the paint but I wouldn't. It might not wear any better and complicates repainting. I'd apply several coats of the finish paint and then IF it wears away - sand lightly and apply another coat.
Are you sure the paint you used has a hardener in it.?
Ron, I'm not familiar with paint hardener, only the kind that you put in to paint cans to dispose of it. The paint I used is the Krylon 2in1 spray paint from the big box stores. Do I have to strip it off and how do I add hardener to spray paint if possible? What brand is the hardener?
Hardener is a catylist like product that can be added to certain paints. Once mixed with the paint you have a set time period to use it. It isn't in any aerosol cans of paint. There are many brands of hardener. The toughest paint would be a powder coat. It really depends on how much you want to spend on the paint job.
How exactly does one add a hardener to a rattle can??
How exactly does one add a hardener to a rattle can??

Some rattlecans have a inner bladder that you puncture.

These are real 2K isocyanate catalyzed polyurethane.
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How exactly does one add a hardener to a rattle can??
You don't add it, you buy 2K spraybombs. Example:

They come with a little plastic doodad that you stick on the bottom of the can and smack hard, releasing the hardener. After that, obviously, the can has a limited pot life.

Edit: LOL I see cocomonkeynuts beat me by a few seconds.
So could I use something like the clear coat 2K isocyanate catalyzed polyurethane over my painted Rustoleum/Krylon to make it more chemical resistant? Or does the main paint color also need to be a 2K aerosol?
As long as your base layer is fully cured, I don't see why you couldn't use a 2K clearcoat over top of it. If this is an interior area, you'll want some good protective gear because isocyanates are no joke.
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