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cleaning sewer lines with pressure washer

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My sewer backed up the other day and I got it cleaned out using a balloon in the cleanout but would like to snake out the whole line now to make sure it won't happen again. I have a smaller ridgid power auger I bought from home depot that has worked on smaller drains from sinks and tubs but it's only 25 ft long and small diameter. I was looking at getting a bigger auger to reach all the way to the street. They are around 500 bucks for something that looks decent. It would cost about 100 bucks to rent one for a day so I would rather just buy something so I have it. While searching for sewer augers I started reading about water jetting lines. I have a gas pressure washer and found this website that sells parts to convert your pressure washer into a water jetter. Seems it would only cost about 200 bucks to get a 100 ft hose and a couple of nozzles.

Has anyone done this? If so how did it work? Thanks
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Be sure to watch the chicken video.

Watch your fingers!

Gamble $200 on something used infrequently and that may not work or $100 for a pretty much sure thing.
If the conversion may work to 50% or better likelihood it is 'rational' to spend the $200.

I just use a garden hose from my water heater drain faucet to clear most clogs but you might need more pressure/GPM than this method.
I'm not sure how well it works, I'll have to check my pressure and GPM and see how it compares to the others mentioned. From the videos it looks like it works pretty good. I'm not a fan off paying 1/5th of something to use it for one day. If I decide to go the auger way I will probably just spend the money and buy one. Thanks for the links.
If it's stopped up with roots , etc, .The jetting won't help. You will need an auger. If the old pipe has collapsed . You need a new sewer line
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