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Cleaning Limeston bathroom countertops

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We have a beige/earth color limestone counter top in our bathroom. It has become stained from contact lens solution and toothpaste. I read an article about making a poultice out of peroxide and baking soda to lift the stains. I just used baking soda and water and let it sit for a few hours. I only did this in a 1 ft circular area and it looks like the stains are gone but the stone is a little discolored compared to the original and it lost its shinny look.

I used the typical stone sealer cleaner afterwards but its still dull. I also something that looked like to be more of a real sealer at homedepot but was afraid to try it. I plan on using the baking soda mixture on the entire counter top to get the color to match and clean all the stains.

Any thoughts on putting a real sealer on it or should I leave it alone?

I will try attach some pictures if needed.

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Here are a few pics. Hard to tell but you can see the part where I put the baking soda has a bit less shine to it. thanks


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Is sealing something I can do by myself? If so is there one that you recommend? I read the directions on one of the bottles at home depot and and seemed pretty straight forward. I just don't want to mess anything up. I am surprised baking soda and water would do that.
great thanks. im thinking about using this:

I have the aquamix cleaner which I like and will continue to use.
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