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Cleaning Exterior Windows

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Can someone recommend a good apparatus for cleaning exterior (casement) windows? Thanks in advance
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If you can't clean both sides from the houses interior, you need a ladder.
They have these hose end sprayers for window cleaners, but I doubt it work's too well. The big boxes used to sell them.
We live in a ranch and the highest windows are about 10- 15 feet from the ground. I was envisioning something to put on the end of an extension pole.
buy one of the windshield cleaners from a gas station, mount it to a long pole.

but how do you recommend getting the windows wet?
i guess you could throw a bucket of water at it or use a hose? or just use the scrubber/sponge on the flip side...

Some guy in my hometown made a window cleaning device that used a squeege (spell check :) on a long pole that I think might have been telescopic, and had a container like them old garden sprayers that you had to pump air in to pressurize. He had this hooked up so it ran a hose along the pole and would spray cleaning solution at the squeege and he would then clean the windows. Up and down Main street he would go and fast with that sucker. Otherwise you could try a RV cleaner, I had one that you could hook a hose up to and spray water through the bruch at the end, but it uses a brush , not a squeege.
I thought you could clean a casement from inside the house?
The one that I did have has enough space on one end to wash the outside glass :huh:

Like the professionals you can buy a squeegee and a lambs wool scrubber that goes on an adjustable pole at a decent hardware store or were janitorial supplies are sold. Use the soap specifically intended for window cleaning, I am not sure why but it works better than other cleaners I have tried.

I tend to leave streaks with the squeegee so my little window cleaning trick is to use a drywall pole sander and a micro fiber cloth folded in half. Lightly spray the cloth with a 50% mixture of alcohol and water and polish away. If the windows are really bad I will wash them down outside with a bucket of soap and water using the lambs scrubber on a pole and rinse with the hose. When they dry I use the micro fiber cloth on the drywall pole sander, microfiber cloth and alcohol to polish them up. I also do this inside on two windows that are in dormers in our living room that are 16' off the floor.

here's what i did......

i didn't want to use a ladder either, so i made a tool for free from an old sponge mop handle retrofitted to a strip of jarrah with a windshield wiper blade (just the rubber part) PL'd to it. took all of a half hour to make and it works great with a sponge mop to wash and the wiper blade tool to dry. i keep an old towel handy to catch the dirt and drips from the tool and to wipe any off the window ledges. (white vinyl)



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I actually will need somthing as I installed 2 huge picture windows which are on the new 2nd floor. Most of the rest of my windows are all double hung TW. I have 2 awning windows - can be cleaned from inside. And I will have 4 small casement windows
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