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cleaning ceramic tile and grout questions

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Hello to all,

We have about 1400 sqft of ceramic tile, which in the kitchen and other heavily traveled areas, has darkened. My wife, daughters and a few others once cleaned the grout enough to apply that "grout paint" which was an off-white. It looked like a shoe polish bottle w a little roller to go btw the 1/4" grout lines.

Question: Do any of the grout and tile cleaning rental machines help to strip off the old grout paint/clean the grout? And, are there alkaline or acidic chemicals you should apply first, then steam clean it? I want to seal afterwards.

Basically looking to determine if this is a DIY, what to expect and a basic process. I was quoted $.89.sq ft, so .89.sqft X 1400sqft = $1246.00 outlay. That also includes sealing the tile too.

Note, the tile are 19.5" x 19.5" so at least minimal grout lines :)

Thank you for your advice, tstex
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