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City water supply to meter in house

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The house is 6 months old. I am finishing the basement and when screwing a 2x4 to the floor I went through the plastic water supply pipe. I am using 3" tapcons. Should the main water supply line be that shallow? Now my issue is I have to cut out and join the plastic pipe. Does anyone have suggestions as to which is the best way to do this, understanding that it will be buried under the basement floor. What do I use or need
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The floor should be at least 4" thick. Doubtful that the Water Department will fix a leak you caused, without charging you. Most times, the water line from the City tap to your home is your problem, even if it is before the meter. They usually consider any pipe from the curb stop at the property line, yours. With the home being only six months old, I would be contacting the builder. The City should also have inspected the concrete job.
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