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Circuit works on one breaker and not another

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I have two circuits in my barn. One for lights and the other for outlets. The outlet circuit stopped working suddenly. I checked all outlets and replaced several, all others look good - no loose wires or dirty connections. I then disconnected the black wire from the breaker and connected it to the breaker that controls the lights - the outlet circuit would then work - every outlet would work. So I replaced the outlet circuit breaker and reconnected the black wire. The outlets do not work. I connected the black wire to the new breaker and the lights do not work. If the outlets work on one breaker and not the new breaker - what do I do next?
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I would check the incoming power. Sounds like you lost a leg feeding the barn.
Thank you for replying. I did notice the connection for one of the lets looked "dirty", I will disconnect it, replace it, and hope that fixes the problem.
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