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Circuit Breaker

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I have had 2 power surges in my new home (3 yrs old). The first lightning hit the house & knocked out my computer, printer, freezer, etc. I replaced all my power strips with $30 strips. Two yrs later, we just had another storm & again my computer hard drive & printer were knocked out. Lights tripped in 2 bdrms. I tripped the circuit breaker & everything came on except the hard driver & printer. They both had to be replaced. My circuit breaker is located on an outside wall. Can this be relocated 20 feet to the garage? How much will it cost? Would it be cheaper to replace the circuit breaker panel? Help???
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If you talk to a licensed electrician in your area he/they can move the panel almost anywhere you want it; it just takes lots of cash, but if your problem is just lightning/power surges have your electrician put lightning/surge suppressors on the mains in the panel and leave it where it is. The suppressors are expensive, but they will trip on any sudden surge (lightning or power spikes) and your wallet will still be intact (no replacement costs for appliances, Tvs, computers, lights, sound systems etc).
Eaton makes a whole house surge protector It runs about 80 and installed at the main panel. It comes with a warranty. Also secondary surge should also be used for all electronic equipment ie computer tv's.
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