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Circuit Breaker, working in reverse

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I have found a nice and small load center to replace my inside fuse box. The box, which is carried at Lowes, uses a 220 circuit breaker as the box main breaker. This means the breaker would need to work backwards, IE the constantly powered end is the breaker wire attachment point.

Does this work? is this allowable? Would it pass an inspection?

This breaker in not a built-in breaker. It is a normal 220 V 100A breaker, installed in one corner. I should have dug around in the box further, when I was there, for an explaination.
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What your describing is a panel that utilizes a 'backfed' double pole breaker as a main with an installed hold down. The breaker is probably 100 amps. Assuming this panel will be used as your main panel (service equipment) fed from the meter base you need to verify if you have a 100 amp service entrance otherwise you may have too large of a main breaker for the proper protection of the service entrance wiring.
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