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circuit breaker panel

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I need to shut down the circuit breaker #6 in the attached photo. Breakers #2, 4, 6 and 8 are connected and I cannot just shot down #6.

Any advice? Do I need to call a licensed electrician or could a handyman do the job?

Thank you.


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Why would you think you only need to shut off #6?

That breaker feeds some sort of 240V load (most likely a sub panel) and you will want to shut off all power to that load.
I don't know much about electrical wiring. I recently moved to this house and found out that the water pump for the well is constantly running pumping water. The water pump is in the shed and the shed gets flooded as a result. Since I have no use for the well water, I want to shut it down this way because there seems to be no switch attached to the well pump.

FYI, #2 is for heat, #4 for basement lights #6 for well pump and #8 for dryer.

You are mistaken and reading the numbering incorrectly. The breakers on the right hand side of the panel are the even numbers and the breakers on the left are the odd numbers.

I am going to assume you are talking about the breakers shown on the left...they would actually be 1,3/5, 7/9, 11/13. From what you are describing as what they control, I think the labels are wrong.

I would believe that heat would be on a single pole 15A breaker, but basement lights are not on a 50A 2 pole breaker, unless that breaker controls a subpanel the basement lights are fed from.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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