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Circuit breaker for garage delayed reset

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I turned off the circuit breaker for the garage which also has the foyer light on it and then about 5 minutes later turned it back on and the lights in the foyer did not turn on for about 5 minutes after I flipped the breaker to turn it back on.

I repeated this another time and the same result. It doesn't seem to be right at 5 minutes, It seems to be just some amount of minutes after flipping the switch back on.

Has anyone ever heard of this behavior? Nothing was done to the lights on the garage circuit. I was trying to find the breaker for another room.

I read something about delayed off but I didn't see anything about delayed on.
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Thanks for the response. We don't have any timers or delay switches anywhere in our house.

I probably didn't communicate the behavior well. The delay is only there immediately after I switch on the circuit breaker. I can toggle the light switch in the foyer off and on and and it works normally after that for months until I turn the circuit breaker off and on again. With the light switch on, Several minutes later after flipping the breaker on, The lights come on all by themselves and things are normal after that again. After that there is no delay and the switch turns the lights on and off immediately again... Until I turn the circuit breaker off and on again some time later. I have done this about 3 times now over about a 5 month period and seen the same behavior.

EDIT: FYI.. The doorbell is also on that circuit breaker too in case that might be a factor.
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As a followup to this. It still kept happening. I replaced the circuit breaker and the problem went away. Something in the circuit breaker was causing it.
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