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Circuit advice needed for a Remote Control Door Lock

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I've been thinking about modding my electric door lock to add a remote control to unlock it. The basic schematic (at least as much as I can understand since I'm no good at figuring out a PCB) is this:

I've taken apart the switch, measured what I could, and have been able to override the lock by disconnecting the passage switch and shorting pins 1 & 3, relocking it behind me by shorting pins 2 & 3. This looks like it could be an off-the-shelf replacement for that switch: (Part SK-910RAV)

The trouble is that I'd like to be able to keep the passage switch too (so I can keep the door unlocked if people are coming in/out). If I try to short pins 1 & 3 while pin 2 is connected to ground, the door does not unlock. I need some kind of "OR" gate where the RC receiver can temporarily "cut" one connection while completing the other. Does anyone have any ideas how (or if) I could wire this to work?
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