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I'm replacing a cieling fan in the bedroom and I am a little confused by the existing wiring. There is a wall switch and a rheostat for the fan.

On the previous installation the wall switch did nothing, and the rheostat turned the fan on and adjusted speed. Then you used the chains on the fan to turn the light on and off.

This was the old wiring:

Today I am putting in the new fan and I am a little confused that there are 3 lines coming down out of the cieling. One line has red/white/black/bare and the other two lines are white/black/bare. I would have expected two lines one for light and one for fan.

I could install the new fan the same way as the old one but I would like to use the wall switch for the light and the rheostat for the fan. Plus I see the bare wires just hanging out there and the one white wire just doing nothing with no cap.

Here are some pictures. Maybe you can help me understand what I'm looking at and what the best way to proceed is. Thanks guys!

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