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Christmas light stirng problems

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I opened a new box of 200 Christmas mini lights (not LED) and 50 in the middle do not work. There are no missing or broken bulbs. I checked the 50 unlit bulbs to make sure they were seated tightly and they are. Do I need to check the ones that work? I know this is not a big problem in the scheme of things but I already put them up on a large outdoor tree. Would this indicate some sort of individual bulb problem or a fuse problem or a wire problem? I can reach the 50 unlit bulbs and the plug as fortunately they are on the lower part of the tree. Thanks if you have any suggestions.
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As was said above, a 200 light strand is 4 50-light strands. The 50 light segments are wired in series, but the four sets are parallel; hence why 50 go out at a time, rather than the whole strand.

It's not a fuse problem, since the other sets of 50 are lit. If you've confirmed that all 50 bulbs are good, you're likely dealing with one of three things:

1. A broken wire
2. A bad socket
3. Multiple loose/improperly seated bulbs

Get a LightKeeper Pro, use the shunt repair feature, and if that still doesn't work, use the voltage detector to narrow where the break in the current is.
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