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Christmas light stirng problems

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I opened a new box of 200 Christmas mini lights (not LED) and 50 in the middle do not work. There are no missing or broken bulbs. I checked the 50 unlit bulbs to make sure they were seated tightly and they are. Do I need to check the ones that work? I know this is not a big problem in the scheme of things but I already put them up on a large outdoor tree. Would this indicate some sort of individual bulb problem or a fuse problem or a wire problem? I can reach the 50 unlit bulbs and the plug as fortunately they are on the lower part of the tree. Thanks if you have any suggestions.
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Long strings like that are normally broken up into several shorter strings internally. More than likely one of the bulbs in the section that's not working when out and thus took out the whole section. You can buy a voltage detector quite easily and if you sniff around each bulb that's not working with one of those it will illuminate when it gets to the bulb that's blown...
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