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While any pro here will tell you to get a man J done there isn't a single pro here that hasn't done a change out without doing the man j and I am guilty of it too. I'm not trying to make excuses but it does happen.

Most utility companies wil do it free of charge for a home owner and this wil help you in keeping a contractor honest.

As far as line sets. Sometimes it is hard to replace the line set, finished basement so we will flush the lines but, if the line set that is in place is smaller than what is needed for the new system then the HO and contractor need to come up with a plan to replace.

As far as going with R-22 because the lines are to small then the contractor is not taking into consideration that the system you have now is more than likely less than 10 SEER and the new will be 13 SEER or higher so the lines need to be replace. Especially the high side line to the 3/8" line.

Go with R-410a because R-22 is being phased out and the warranty will be less with 22. Trane has gone to a 10 yr warranty but you or the contractor must register the system within 90 days of install or warranty drops to 5 yrs

So go with 410a and try to increase the line set size
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