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Two things happened to us at the same time. First of all we had a Geothermal heating/AC system installed that preheats an 80 gal tank from the discharge of the compressor which then feeds our standard 50 gallon electric water heater. Second, about 6 months after installing the system, we were re-filling out hot tub and the water turned a fairly dark brown. Seems as if the well ran down and we got a lot of sediment pulled into the house. We were running hot water at the time, so it got into both hot water tanks. We do have high levels of iron in our water.

After a few months, the hot water started to smell. When we drained the tanks, what came out at first was nearly black. That lasted a month or so, and then the smell came back. We change the anode rod in the electric heater and chlorinated the well. Sure enough, we were adding water to the pool for almost 2 hours and suddenly the pool had a large brown cloud in the water. Should have known better.

So, here is the situation. The plumber is recommending a UV light system for the water coming into the house. I’m not sure that the UV light will handle things if we get a big inflow of brown “stuff” again. I’m thinking of a Chlorine injection system and I was wondering if there is a way kick up the chlorine level, bypass the new charcoal filter and the existing whole house filter and let the chlorinated water go right into the hot water tanks. If so, can the levels be pushed up high enough to basically chlorinate the house without opening up the well and everything?

Any recommendations would be very helpful. Thanks.
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