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I am currently in the process of replacing my roof. I am having some concerns on the type of flashing to use where my chimney meets the wall. I am new to some of this roofing terminology so I have had a hard time finding answers and it could be because I am not searching by the correct key words.

If you open the attachment on this post you will see the circled section of my roof that I am concerned about. (the actual spot cannot be seen in the image) Basically, on the back side of the chimney it is level. If water runs down the roof and hits the back side of the chimney I am concerned it will just sit there. Is there some sort of flashing I can use to divert water away from the siding/chimney corner and send it away to the open roof? I think I am need of something like a half saddle flashing.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!!!!!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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