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I have another child care facility project.This one is interesting.The roof is a 8/12 re deck 30sq.The material/color is Tamko Elite Empire Green.(3-tabs) Material upgrade isn't an option.

Roof,Gutters,Sofitts,Fascia and Siding replacement.

The structure is a single story gable to gable with the gable end peaks at 2 story.

The siding of choice is "Journeymen Select" (Colorscapes)
Double 5" .044 guage.20sq.

Here is the trick.The colors to be used are;

Sunflower (Yellow)
Rustic Red (Dark color)
Heritage Blue(Dark color)
Country Green(Dark color)

Has anyone had a project that required multiple color installations? The roof is Dark Green.

If anyone knows about patterns or blocks etc.I would really appreciate it.Each elevation has to have ALL these colors.

Any input would be VERY helpful.
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