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I have some plain vanilla, single pane, crank out casement windows in my daylight basement (see picture below) that I will be replacing with something "new and better" later this year.

I plan to finish the basement adding about 6 inches of depth (XPS & framing
& GWB) to the walls at the existing half block & veneer brick window locations.

One of the windows is a triple and three are doubles.
The triple and one of the doubles need to meet bedroom egress codes.

Second pic shows a pass door and an OH door; both will be eliminated and framed in.
The door spot gets a new window. The OH gets a new door and a window.

I'd like for ALL the new windows to look like each other.
The upstairs has plain vanilla vinyl double hung's.

I think that covers the basic conditions.
Feel free to rip me a new one if I missed anything.

So... 1) what are the "new and better" choices available that might suit?

and 2) once the old glass, frame and hardware have been removed and the other openings have been framed in what prep does the raw opening require in order to mount that "new and better" window style being recommended?

and 3) how deep into the raw openings would those windows sit?



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Will double hung windows meet the egress requirement?

Where you mount them will have a lot to do with the brick----they will be easiest to mount at the same depth--if not you will have brick finish issues--

I'm not a window expert----let's see if one checks this thread---
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