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Chicken, hotdogs and sausage

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Daughter loves grilling now using some kind of starter cubes. And she likes the chimney to start charcoal. Yesterday she grilled chicken for chicken Bryan (like Carrabas restaurant), hotdogs and what she said was smoked bratwurst. Shes never wanted to eat bratwurst before and bought this pk in the hotdog aisle. It ended up looking like the hotdogs. The time I bought some they were the big fat ones and in the meat counter. The chicken had goat cheese and tomato pesto.

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I've used a chimney starter our son bough us bout 20 + years ago. I guess they never wear out. The metal reminds me of the material used for exhaust piping just off the hot wheel of a turbocharger and those, in some instances, run red hot 24/7.
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