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(check valve) do I need ??

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Putting in water system in pole barn i am using 55 gallon(plastic) drums for water sorce,will tie 4 drums in with 3/4 copper line after line is run between the 4 drums will be going into a shallow well pump to create the preasure for the system then to a hot water tank do i need to install a check valve any were in this system the shallow well pump is a small 5 gallon pump you can adjust preasure from 40 up to 70 pounds and please if anyone has any more input would greatly be a big help
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You need a check valve in the line to the pump from the barrels. Otherwise when the pump is off the pressure tank will push the water back through the pump, into the barrels and when the pressure falls to the cut in setting of the pressure switch, the pump will run to the cut out setting and this will repeat forever or at least until the pump dies. If you had one tank you'd use a jet pump foot valve on the inlet pipe's end in the tank.
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