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I currently have 6' solid privacy fence on 1 side and 6' chain link on the other. 150' sides and 135 between.
Purpose was same as your and that is to contain dogs.

Went solid 6' on 1 side because of neighbours and the other side is just a huge field. Biggest problem I had was not so much the height but them trying to dig and go under. However height was also an issue re jumping.
Eventually solved.

I need to further extend the fencing but will now be using wildlife fencing as it is a reasonable cost, higher than most fences ( 8' and more ). Will just toss up posts with 2X4's between and then U nail the fence to it.
Dig a small trench to bury 12 " of fence and still give me good height. Fence sold in 100 rod rolls.

Should talk to an expert about it and the purpose. They will guide you in the right direction.

Good luck.
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