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Cheap,poor or stubborn or all.

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I was recently in one of my cheap modes. Actually that is my normal mode. I purchased 1200 dollars worth of used galvanized hurricane shutter material for about 100 dollars. I live in Florida so hurricanes shutters are a big part of our summer health exercises, up and down every other week.
I wanted to get something lighter then my plywood that I have used for 26 years. They were getting old and heavy and so am I.

I had all these odd length panels and had to figure out a way to cut them reasonably safe. I say reasonably because there is no real way to fool with raw cut metal panels safely. One slip and your going to get cut even with gloves.

Come on folks. If I was wealthy do you think I ruin a day doing stuff like this. I am cheap and on the lower end of the do it yourself income.

I set up my 25 year old radial arm saw to cut the panels that are about 16 inches wide. To cut tin on a radial saw you have to pull the saw out and put the tin between abrasive blade and fence. You push the abrasive cutoff blade into the tin. Do not pull it across the tin like you do wood on a radial saw. The abrasive blade will grab the tin and will go ape crap.
You have to hold down the front edge of the tin down and tight to the fence so the blade will start to grind and not grab.

I have done this type operation before and it does work good once the scare factor leaves your body. Eye protection,cotton balls or ear plugs in the ears are a absolute must.
Gloves and long pants. I know you folks up north wear long pants all the time except 3 days in summer but down here in Florida its shorts mostly. Hold the work from the right side of the saw, keeping it tight to the fence and tight to the table and push the saw very slowly Keep your body and face on the right side of the saw so if something does
happen your are in a safe position. Its same procedure used with table saw. Stay the heck out of blades path.

Most metal chop saws won't handle 16 inch panels of tin.

I cut about 40 panels in about 1.5 hours. Filed sharp edges and good to go with punching or drilling holes.

This is just one way you can ruin a perfectly wonderful day saving a few bucks and causing fewer toys at some shutter contractors house.

S. Florida
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