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Cheap, hardy, attractive coverings for cement

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Hello, My entire house has cement floors (we use a lot of area rugs), I wanted to know any ideas of a budget friendly flooring that I can do one room at a time, mainly bathrooms and kitchen for now. Do the laminate floor tiles work well? again, any advice is great, thanks-Kristy
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you can get laminate flooring for 68 cents per square foot. or keep the concrete and stain it.
Consider ceramic tile----
What is porch paint and will it be slippery, ive got little ones?
It seems to be expensive compared to other ideas like painting the cement but ideally would love to lay tile, by myself that is....Thank you!
With little ones, perhaps a groutable composite vinyl tile would be a good idea?
They LOOK like ceramic tile, but will not break when things are dropped on them.
Cork flooring would be my preference, it's warm in the winter and soft to the touch, but very hardy and long lasting.

You can buy peel & stick tiles cheap.
True, but they always LOOK like cheap, peel and stick tiles.... lol

rusty what are trying to beat up on you today? They asked about cheap floor covering and you told em.
If Rusty wasn't here for us to pick on, we'd have to pick on you!

With little ones crawling/running around, I would highly suggest laminate flooring as an inexpensive option for two reasons. One, it is very durable, and two, it will provide at least a little buffer between the kids and the coarse concrete.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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