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Ignore the title of this thread I am informed of not doing this.
I am finishing an area in the back of my garage where there are existing washer dryer hookups to create a laundry room with access from inside the house. This laundry area will be walled off from the rest of the garage. Can I use the circuit from the adjacent dining room to connect in the new laundry room 4 ceiling recessed lights and 2 outlets- not the washer or dryer? I have 12/2 romex running from an existing outlet in the adjacent dining room- which is the first device on this circuit- into a 2 gang 32 cu inch box where 2 wall switches for the new laundry ceiling lights will be wired, the 2 laundry outlets and 1 additional existing dining room outlet.
If not is the following scenario permissable? There will be a junction box in the laundry room with 12/3- white powers the washer and red feeds into the garage-2 outlets and an outdoor motion sensor light. Can I tap into the red to power the laundry recessed cans and 2 outlets?
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